Rapunzel, let down your golden hair !

From the very moment we heard the concept behind this particular shoot, we we’re super excited and we’re all in. Photographer Mallory Morrison came up with the concept to put a new age spin on the story of Rapunzel with the long, luxurious hair. We all met each other for the first time at the location, which was this OUTSTANDING mansion in Montecito. The owner comes out and is the sweetest lady at 8am (She shows us around her estate). The model that we worked with on this shoot is the lovely Christine Bailey as Rapunzel.

So for the make-up, Mallory’s vision was for Rapunzel to be waking up in the morning, still looking lovely from last night and optimistic that her prince will come rescue her. As the frames go on, she’s supposed to become less optimistic and more sad about no one rescuing her. Ashley started her first look using shimmery- mineral powders to create the “glowy skin effect”. The idea is to keep her skin looking fresh & hydrated, especially in the first few shots. Don’t we all wish that we can look like that in the morning ?

This shot is by far one of our FAVORITE shots, just because of how dramatic it looks. For the make-up, Ashley used a wide range of colors; oranges around her hair line, purples and pinks in the crease of her eye, blues and of course the infamous ” colored tears”. Ashley was the brain-child behind making the tears all different colors ( all make-up, of course). Her lip color is a deep mauve, just to add depth. Ashley you ROCKED the make-up in this!

For the hair, we knew that we needed to work with extensions, given that her hair wasn’t as long as Rapunzel (around shoulder length). Myself, who’s had many extensions in my lifetime, started the process gradually. In the first shot, we just used Christine’s real hair with a “braided-wreath around her head”. In this “colored tears” shot, I pulled up most of Christine’s hair into a high ponytail and began braiding and weaving the different colors of extensions. In the end, we created this braided beehive…it was AWESOMELY HEAVY!!! LOL!

Mallory is getting public attention for this particular shoot in the first edition of
La Dior Magazine, premiers in September ’09. It’s awesome because of course, we will be in the credits of that spread, so YAAAAYYYYY LunaBella!!!! To check out the full editorial spread, visit our website at www.lunabellaartists.com. Check out more of Mallory’s amazing work, including her underwater photography, visit www.mallorymorrison.net.

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