CelebSqueeze : Working w/ the stuninng Leisha Hailey from “The L Word”

When we first propositioned the amazing Tisha Floratos, VP of Travel with OLIVIA Vacations,  about doing make-up on the OLIVIA Travel destinations, we knew this was something we had to pursue full-force! We wanted it so bad for a few reasons and here they are in no particular order…. Reason #1 : Working with OLIVIA Travel & Vacations is reason enough. This company is providing amazing destinations for women by women. YES!!!!!  Reason #2: Doing make-up &  body art on a cruise ship going to Belize, Cozumel, Guatemala &  Key West. and Reason #3: Doing Leisha Hailey’s make-up.

      (on the left: Leisha Hailey, on the right : comedian, Vicki Shaw)

We’ve seen Leisha Hailey on “CSI: Las Vegas”,  “Grey’s Anatomy”, and most popularly for the groundbreaking Showtime TV Series “The L Word” as “Alice Pieszecki”. When we found out that we were going to be on the OLIVIA Halloween Caribbean Cruise, we freaked out because we LOVE LOVE LOVE Halloween and getting people ready for it, is a blast! So, we tried to do some kick-ass body art and make-up while on board, especially so the entertainers could represent our work. Well, one day on board, one of the OLIVIA directors approaches us and says ” Hey ladies, we have some news for you….Leisha Hailey’s manager wants to know if you’d be interested in doing Leisha’s make-up before he hits the stage tonight for her interview…”. We’re like “UMMMM YEAAAA!!!” She was seriously the coolest , most down-to-earth chick, and 100% real. So glad that we got that opportunity to be her artists for the day. Leisha…..call us ! LOL .

Vicki Shaw, the other hot mama-blonde in the picture, is probably one of the funniest stand-up comedians today. With her southern belle accent and signature red-lip, we knew we had to coax her into letting us do her make-up too. She actually came up to our booth during our “Meet-n-Greet” and said (with her southern accent) “I heard that ya’ll are the make-up ladies, is this true?” We gave her our room number, she showed up & we did her make-up ! SCORE ! We also did her make-up for her hilarious stand-up show on board as well as formal night. Vicki,  you’re hilarious!


It was an amazing opportunity and cannot wait for the next!


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