Getting ready for 2010 !

Goodbye ’09 and HELLO 2010 ! It’s been quite a year with the new business and all. This year we were able to both leave our cooperate jobs and pursue our dreams together as entrepreneurs. We have done make-up & hair for photo shoots, weddings, quinceaneras, prom, classes, spoke to youth outreach groups, mentoring high school students, worked fashion shows , hosted make-up parties at clubs, worked festivals at the university , and body art.¬† We truly just want to thank everyone that has supported us with this endeavour. Without our supporters and clients, none of this would have been possible. We want to let you know that we will continue to deliver the best experience & service with LunaBella Make-up Art. Watch how we’re gonna grow in 2010 ! Here are a couple of photos of our 2009 work. Thanks and Happy New Years.

This is a shoot that we did with photographer Bryant Swanstrom, who is pretty awesome by the way. We did the make-up and hair for male model, Kevin, that’s getting his ass kicked, including the blood on this shirt. We showed him who’s boss ;0)


This was a cool shoot that we could in Los Angeles with photographer Shiloh King Strong.

Another shot from the shoot we did with Shiloh in LA. The shot to the right , we did this shoot in a desert in Cali. It was SUPER hot that day LOL!




Here are a couple of shots from one of our favorite weddings of 2009, Janell’s wedding !


She’s such a character! Congrats Janell ! Thanks for an amazing experience with you and your loved ones on your big day.


Please visit our website for more of our updated work at Thanks for your support.

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