HairToday : Whipping up some 1930’s inspired style

So our beloved photographer, Angelina Dorogi, has us booked with her every Sunday for the next month & a half. So we had a shoot this past Sunday with her. The inspiration for the shoot was set in the 1930s, a beautiful woman being stood up by her love at the train station. So for her makeup, she wanted classic but sultry eyes. It was raining that day and they were going to be shooting outside. So Angelina wanted to make sure that since her makeup would be rained on, make sure it’s extra gorgeous.

Now as you know, when Ashley and I do a photo shoot, she’s almost always doing the makeup and I’m doing the hair. So right when we got started, for the first 5 minutes, I was kinda blanking on what I was going to do. Ashley’s kinda looking at me like “Okay, babe, let’s pull it together and create something.” Now, when I think about 1940s, you think about that era and what women were doing with their hair. Then , I got it ! I just dove in and started twisting my T3 Curling Iron in different directions, hoping that something cool would come of this. Twisting and turning, untwisting and pinning. Piece by piece, the hairstyle started to come together until…..

Ta-Dah ! This swirly-doo came about and I’m kinda loving it. It’s sort of like a cross between a finger-wave and pin-up style. Sometimes, it’s all about trial & error. Don’t be afraid to twist your curling iron into different ways or go against what you usually do. When you take the time to try something new, many times you’ll find something amazing! I really do hope that someone asks me to do this hairstyle for a wedding. How awesome would that look?

Here is the final image shot by photographer Angelina Dorogi. Our model, Maggie, is super soaked at this point. It’s such a beautiful black & white. Amazing job, Angelina !

-Christin, LunaBella Make-up Art

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