New Year & Happy 1st Birthday LunaBella !

It’s pretty amazing. The end of a decade, begining of a New Year, a Blue Moon and the 1st Birthday of LBMA. It was just a year ago when Ashley and I decided to open LBMA down here and it was the best decision of our lives, so far ;0) So we’re really excited about where this year can take us. Starting off with yesterday, we had a New Year’s Eve wedding with our bride Meredith in Montecito, Ca. First, let me say that the estate was CRAZY GORGEOUS with it’s view of the ocean.

Meredith, her sister & maid of honor , Nancy, and their 5 yr.old niece ( who was too damn cute, by the way) were just an absolute joy to be around. When we get those images, we’ll definitely share them on here.

Today, New Years Day, we had Erica and Mario’s wedding. We got them ready at The Four Seasons , The Biltmore in Montecito, Ca. These two are just such a comically-funny & sweet couple. We have an interesting story with their big day today, but we’ll share it when we have their pictures. Tomorrow, we have two weddings ; Ashley’s wedding & Sarah’s wedding! Super excited to be the team for both of these ladies and cannot wait! We’ll keep you updated , so stay tuned .

-Christin, LunaBella Make-up Art

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