Oldie, but Goodie : Working w/ model, Giglianne Braga on the show “If I Can Dream”

Giglianne Braga

When we first got the call from Christianne that we were going to be doing the make-up and hair for upcoming model, Giglianne Braga on “If I Can Dream”, we were stoked for a couple reasons. First, we’ve worked with Christianne a couple times now and her work just truly speaks for itself. Secondly, we had only heard a little bit about the show, so when we went on the “If I Can Dream” website, we were blown away! The cameras in the house, the talent, being able to watch them LIVE? Just too cool.

 So, we get to the house and meet Giglianne and she’s just so down-to-earth and sweet, which always helps. The first look that we did on “Gig” was more of a sultry look.  For her make-up, Ashley did a smokey eye with a peacock-like pigment accompanied with browns. On her lips, she went with a nude-pink which really made her lips pop even more and bronzer on the cheeks.

 For her hair, Christianne wanted something sexy that would showcase the length of her hair also. We decided to keep her hair down with a loose-wave throughout.

 Here is a couple images of the first look :

For the second look, we knew she was going to be doing some shots with Ben Elliot, an upcoming actor also from the “If I Can Dream” Show, so it needed to be a little flirty and a little elegant.

So for her eyes, we kept the same color scheme, but decided to add some gloss texture to her eyelids for an awesome effect. For her hair, we pulled it up into a half-bun and wrapped a braid around it.

Here are some images from the second look :


We even had some extra time to do some of our famous “manscaping” on Ben for some of his headshots.

If you want to see more of the behind the scenes of this shoot, check out the episode on http://www.hulu.com and search the episode called ” If I Can Scream”. Our segment is toward the end of the episode, but you’ll see us hard at work.

Be sure to check out more of Christianne’s work at www.christiannetaylor.com and be sure to check out Giglianne and her rising success at www.ificandream.com.

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