Oldie, but Goodie : Working w/ Photographer Angelina Dorogi

Working with Angelina is always a treat. She always has this story in her mind as to what and how she wants for a shot to look. In doing that, her work is always very vivid & strong and we love that about her. Now that she’s back from her work & travels in Europe, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to work with her as soon as we could.

For this shoot, we worked with model Ashley Russell aka “Skinny”, and man, did she deliver. Angelina made it specific to us that she really wanted for Skinny to look completely different, almost “not her”. For her hair, we went with super textured extensions in dark brown. Especially because she’s a blonde, we were really able to switch around and contour her features. For her make-up , Ashley ( the make-up artist 😉 used smokey brown on her lid and a dark brown for her brows. She also contoured her nose, cheekbones and under the jaw to really accentuate her features. For hair, remembering Skinny’s hair color is blonde and really short right now. So, I definitely went the route of extra hair and in dark brown. Using extra hair or extensions give me the added effect and this shoot was no exception.

For more of Angelina’s outstanding work or to book with her , contact her at www.angelinadorogi.com .

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