Oldie, but Goodie : Working w/ rising actress & comic, Kara Killmer

Guess what I.I.C.D house? WE’RE BAAAACK!

(upcoming actress, Kara Killmer from “If I Can Dream”)

Yes, the lovely Christianne Taylor called us and asked us if we’re were able to do the make-up and hair again at the I.I.C.D house, but this time on Kara Killmer. “Ummm HELL YEAH” was pretty much our response and there we were, back at the I.I.C.D house again. Kara and Christianne are real good friends from back home in Texas, so it was a real pleasure to be working on someone so close to Christianne. Kara, such a sweetheart and just HILARIOUS is just one of those people that you always want to be around. Just such a great energy, such a chill girl and we’re stoked to have worked on her. Kara is an upcoming actress and inspiring comedian, so be on the look out for her. She’s witty, she’s quick, she’s Kara.

So, for this shoot, Christianne just really wanted us to focus on the lifestyle and personality of Kara. In other words, this shoot isn’t so much about the fashion but more on the person. For make-up, Ashley did more of a “Hollywood Glamour” look on Kara because she has that ‘classic-girl’ look. Ashley went in with champagne colors on the lid, a taupe in her crease to deepen her eyes, and gave a dramatic winged eyeline for emphasis. For her hair, I curled away from her face, pinned them and let them set for about 5 mins or so. This helps the curl to fully cool down in the set “roller placement” and it lasts WAY LONGER than any curl you’ve ever done! Here are a couple of the images from our shoot :

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