Quiet on the Set : Working w/ the CEO of Carl’s Jr., Andy Puzder

It was raining really heavily this past Tuesday in Santa Barbara and we’d actually planned to take our 1st day off in long time. It was all going as planned…until we received a call on our business phone. It was one of our fellow make-up artists, Kirsten. Now, Kirsten is awesome for two main reasons : reason #1: she’s down to earth and super fun to work along side and reason #2 : if she’s unable to make a shoot or is already booked, she will sometimes pass us the referred work. Well, this time the referred work was doing make-up for a video interview w/ the CEO of Carl’s Jr., Andy Puzder.

Ashley says “Andy is a really chill & laid back guy. He just let me work and that was great.”  

The shoot was actually held at the Carl’s Jr. in Camarillo, Ca ( at Las Posas Rd & Daily Dr.). At first, we assumed that this shoot was going to be for a campaign. No, even better. The interview is being used for the hilarious and educational  HBO Show “Penn & Teller’s Bulls**t. We’ll be sure to watch that episode.

Carl’s Jr. is currently partnering up with the sexy Kim Kardashian, inspiring guys to eat healthier. I wonder why? PS….Kim, give us a call!

-Christin , LunaBella Make-up Art 

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