The Wedding : Erica + Mario

Erica & Mario were our New Years 2010 Wedding. 42810007Upon meeting these two, you can’t help but enjoy them. They’re incredibly sweet, brillant, & madly in love with one another. We had our first trial with Erica about her hair & makeup, in which she expressed how she wanted something that just enhanced her features. Most of the time, brides tend to forget that you don’t need to do a 180 on your wedding day make-up look and look completely different. Sometimes, in fact, most of the time, a bride will be much happier if you enhance her features vs. trying to create something that isn’t there or isn’t comfortable to her.

For Erica’s hair style, we decided to go with something soft & romantic, while encapsulating the Spanish-feel to Santa Barbara. We knew that we didn’t want to have her hair down because of how naturally curly her hair is and we knew that we didn’t want a tight updo as well. Our compromise was a soft-curl gathered “low-do”, as I like to call it. It’s literally bunching her hair off to one side versus tightly placing it in a bun or sleek style. I find this style to be very romantic and the start of a huge trend! For her make-up, her wedding colors were blushes and soft pinks, so Erica wanted to somehow incorperate that into her look. Ashley decided to go with a mixture of peaches and plums on her eyes. Erica’s eyes are a beautiful hazel, so to bring out the green in her eyes, going with purple ( refer to the color wheel ) as her complementary color, is gonna make em pop! On the lips, as you know, we love using a Pro-LongWear color that lasts 8-12 hours, so Erica is wearing a mixture of mauve and pink.

Now, remember in our previous blog post, we told you that there was an funny story about this couple. Well, on their wedding day, which was New Years, we showed up to their villa at The Four Seasons , Biltmore in Santa Barbara. We approached their door, happ y about the new year & ready to make this couple’s day. Erica & Mario open the door, and……..(sniff, sniff) they’re both CRAZY SICK !!! They both have the sniffly-runny noses, red as can be, all the while being complete troopers about their situations. Now with Erica, because we’re ladies of nature, we can put on some make-up & do our hair and we look great! But what about the groom?

Mario is a bubbly guy that’s hilarious but not afraid to tell you how it is. Now, Mario’s poor nose and surrounding areas were red, irritated and runny. We definitely had our work cut out for us, but rest assured knowing that if we did a little “manscaping” on him, he would look amazing afterward. So, we concealed the dark circles around his eyes from sleepless nights coughing and extremely reduced the redness around nose. We even took the added step of adding the color back into his skin with a little bronzing powder. Ashley also uses this matte creme, which provides a matte & shine-free finish to the skin. I made sure to groom & style his hair with a little American Crew and voila! Mario may not have felt 100%, but he sure did look like it.


Erica and Mario are such an awesome couple and we wish them all the best! Now, here are some shots from their wedding, taken by the outstanding ladies at Frame 36. .


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