The Wedding : Eun-Ju + Jeff

Text ColorEun- Ju called us one day looking for a second opinion , so we set up a trial run at her house. We were really excited to work with Eun-Ju because she had this amazingly thick, jet black hair, beautifully high cheekbones and nice full lips. We started her trial, just like any other; asking a couple questions about preferences : ” what are your likes and dislikes about make-up/ hair?”, “what look are we wanting to acheive?’, etc.

With her make-up, she really wanted her eyes to be the main focus, so Ashley used a soft berry in the crease and a dark plum on the outer lid. Ashley made her eyes stand out more by applying individual lashes which are natural & custom tailored to Eun-Ju’s eyes. Like many of the brides we work with, Eun-Ju wanted a pro long-wear lipcolor that wouldn’t kiss off on her hubby to be.
I was really excited to work with Eun-Ju’s hair for two reasons: 1.) the texture 2.) I knew it would hold a curl damn good . At the time of the trial, she wanted something half-up/ half-down with a lot of curls. So, we did that and it looked quite nice. However, she was sure that her sister would approve of something up and told me ” don’t be suprised if we do an updo on the day-of” ;0) The funny thing is on the wedding day, we did the updo and it looked AMAZING! Her curls were springy and shiny. We used Kenra Perfecting Spray which kept her curls in place, with a flexible hold. After we put the feather hairpiece in, TA DAHHH! Eun-Ju looked amazing!

These amazing snapshots were taking by the AMAZING Tim Halberg of Halberg Photographers. Tim is quite a Da Vinci at capturing these candid & “once in a lifetime” moments, especially with Eun Ju. Please check out his website at

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