Peek-a-Boudoir : J’s Boudoir shoot w/ Frame 36 Photography, Hair & Make-up by LunaBella

Boudoir by Frame 36 Photography

“We are drooling over “J”‘s boudoir and we hope you do too…. She wanted a knock his socks off wedding gift for her fiance, they were married in NY this past September. Her look was created by Luna Bella Makeup art , wearing Agent Provocateur, and what her mother gave her. And yes….. he is still looking for his socks….”. -Erin & Laura

Except from LunaBella Make-up Art:

” For J’s boudoir shoot, we had a mini- pow wow before getting started. She’s not a ‘super-makeup or hair’ kinda girl, but she knows that she wants to look like a smokin hot version of herself…..and that’s just what we did. For her make-up, Ashley used a frosted taupe all-over the lid to create a soft, smokey eye. She followed with matte charcoal brown in the crease to really create a ‘bedroom eye’. She then blended everything out with a soft tan color, which really brings it all together. To add a little more emphasis to the eyes, Ashley added some faux lashes. Lashes do an outstanding job of taking a great make-up application to a STUNNING one! On her skin, Ashley airbrushed her foundation which is really a flawless appearance and looking amazing on film. The airbrush foundation we use is waterproof & transferproof, which is ideal for bridal make-up and photoshoots. The next time you have the option of trying airbrush, give it a shot. It’s worth it.

For her hair, we wanted to exaggerate the ‘sexy kitten’ hair as much as possible. We started by blowing her hair out with a body/volume cream. The cream is lightweight, but gets the job done, which is especially important for our blondes. Then, we placed J’s hair around what I like to call the most AMAZING non-heated rollers EVER! The Kevin Murphy line makes some outstanding products, which is mostly what we use , and this day is no exception. After applying heat to the hair, place one Kevin Murphy roller toward the ends of the hair, then begin winding toward the scalp. This was done all over her head, however, I only used 6 rollers! Can you believe that? Let them fully cool down before styling, but when they’re ready you’ll know. The hair has such a bounce to it and such body, that I use them religiously. The end result was giving her hair with body, minimal curl, but a lot of movement and texture. ”

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