Quiet on the Set : Working w/ Photographer Christianne Taylor

Ah, I remember this photoshoot like it was yesterday. I say that because it was. Primarily, because this was the day I had fallen in LOVE w/ my clipless curling iron. . . but we’ll get into that later. Christianne Taylor, an amazing photographer in Santa Barbara, is always awesome to work with on set. She’s obviously professional, but she knows what she wants out of a shot, while keeping it simply beautiful. In this photoshoot, we were told the model would be in the outdoors and definitely hanging with some horses at some point. Sweet.

So for her make-up, we knew that she was going to have a couple outfit changes. Ashley went with a honey gold color mixed with a rose pink on the eyelid, and a touch of plum brown in the crease. Katie, with LA Modeling Agency, has GORGEOUS brown eyes with a lot of eye space. Makes Ashley’s job that much more enjoyable. On her skin, Ashley prepped her face with an oil-control moisturizer and primer. For her foundation, she went with a fuller coverage for a flawless look in person and especially on film. Ashley also used bronzer to put some contouring in her cheek and temple area, as well as creme blush on her cheecks. On her lips, since they’re going to be shooting for a while, Ashley chose a long-wearing lip color in a mauve-pink. Long-wearing lip color is a great way to avoid touching-up throughout the day and it doesn’t kiss off. Rawr!

Now, back to this ‘hair epiphany’ I had. So, Ashley recently went to a hair show in Las Vegas and decided to bring me back a few lovely gifts ! But these weren’t just any gifts, these were ‘clipless curling irons’. Now, what is a ‘clipless curling iron’? A clipless is litterally a curling iron without the clamp on the iron. This allows for you to wrap a strand of hair around the barrel with as much space on the barrel as possible. Many of these clipless irons don’t have a heat gauge, so it’s constantly at the same temperature, which is a plus. As you can see in the picture, I wrapped her hair around the barrel away from her face, creating a soft body wave. The curls last and have an amazing shine to them. When you’re done curling the whole head, then you can rake your fingers through the hair to break apart the curls for a more natural look. Love my new toys!

To see more images from this shoot with photographer, Christianne Taylor, click away !


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