The Wedding : Melissa + Kevin, Hair & Make-up by LunaBella

When we first met Melissa, we knew right away that we were a perfect fit for each other . She’s easy-going, bubbly, and wants a look that will showcase it. During our consultation, she expressed to us how she wasn’t afraid of a little color, but wanted to still keep it natural-look. On her eyes, Ashley used a pale pink all over her lid & carried plum throughout her crease. One thing Melissa mentioned about her lovely eyes, is they’re sometimes hazel. To bring the hazel or green out in eyes, use plums or purple which are complimentary.

For Melissa’s hair, she really wanted to keep it her style, but a little more elegant for the big day. We decided to go with a romantic ponytail cascading over the shoulder. We decided to keep the ponytail over the same side as her bangs because it tends to flow a bit better than doing opposites.

Above : Melissa is being ‘double-teamed’ for both hair & make-up at the same. A little celeb-action.
Below: Longwearing lipcolors and lip stains are an amazing way for you lips to last throughout the night.Check out MAC ProLongWear lip colors with a 8-12 hour wear. Mwah !!!
Brushes, Brushes, and more Brushes ! Having good, quality brushes are the key to a great make-up application. In only using your fingers or cotton swabs in place of brushes, you’ll find it’s a lot harder to blend colors and get the results you want. Make sure that when you’re purchasing tools, that you’re taking your time and spending money on quality, not quantity. Believe us, it’s worth it.
Always love that first look into the mirror & the first smile from your bride…..she loves it.
All of these lovely images were taken by the amazing Christianne Taylor. Christianne is an amazing photographer in Santa Barbara and you can check out more of her work at
Wanna see more of Melissa & Kevin’s wedding pictures? Visit this link . . .

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