The Wedding : Kim + Kenneth , Hair & Make-up by LunaBella

My One True Love / blog entry by Rainbow Fish Cinema

“When we first met with Kim and Kenny last year, one thing they had stressed to us was being able to capture their style and swagger. Now how exactly do you capture those elements in a couple?

It’s not the easiest task at hand, but one way of achieving that is through communication. You communicate and you discover the little details that are important to them. In doing so, if you’re lucky, you get to see the beauty inside and see who they really are as individuals.

Both determined and sharing a compassion for each other, it’s obvious why these two tied the knot. Facing the struggles of life, including a long distance relationship that lasted for three years, they managed to accomplish the things they wanted to prior to embarking on their new journey. Being there for each other is what enabled these two to progress to where they are now.

Alongside the two of them, their families and friends were just as much fun, kind, and loving. We had so much fun sharing the entire day with them. The anticipation was definitely there and when time came, it was clear that they were a significant part of their foundation. Seeing the laughter, tears, and joy was truly what made their day special.

I could go on and on about Kim and Kenny, but I’m going to end this blog with one of the most touching things I have heard from our couples. After showing their presentation, Kenny came up to me and said, “The work is done, but let the friendship begin.”

Enjoy our friends’ same day edit.” -Rainbow Fish Cinema

Click here to view Kim & Kenny’s amazing wedding day video by Rainbow Fish Cinema.

“Awesome job as well with all the vendors who contributed to this beautiful wedding!” -Rainbow Fish Cinema

Wedding Cast & Location

Location / Talega Golf Club
Coordinater / Yasmine (A Regal Affair)
Photographer / Aaron Shintaku
Sound & Lights / AudioFX
Makeup & Hair / Luna Bella Makeup

Soundtrack / Mat Kearney // Breathe In & Breathe Out

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