Oldie but Goodie : Working w/ photographer Angelina Dorogi

When we met Angelina, we knew that we were all just going to be a great team. From the first shoot, we remember her saying “See, that’s why I love you guys; I can just tell you random words and you can formulate it into an amazing look!”. One of our most memorable and favorite shoots that we’ve done with Angelina so far was the “Dark” shoot we did with a fierce model known as “Skinny“. We she gave us the idea for this shoot, we knew that it was going to be dark, dramatic and people would remember it.

For her make-up, Angelina really wanted , like we said, “something dark, but mysteriously beautiful”. So Ashley literally did black on her eyes, but sketched it down to the inside-corner of her eye, giving that dimension to her eyes. Ashley really carved her cheekbones out by no only using bronzer, but by also using a grey tone to create a deeper contour. On her lips, we didn’t wanna go traditional at all, so Ashley decided to do a “bitten-lip” but with this smoky grey-plum. That created a totally different look on her lips, especially because Ashley focused on the middle of her lip versus the whole lip.For her hair, Angelina wanted something so different from the norm, so we went out and bought extra hair & styrofoam. Why styro? You’ll see. So, because Angelina wanted her hair to be completely up & they had to drive to the location after make-up & hair we’re done, I knew that it had to last. The end result was amazing!!! It was an intricate design of different colored hair spheres atop her head. Some of it was Skinny’s hair and most was extention, but this shoot ROCKED OUR WORLD!!!

Please check out more of this shoot and her other outstanding work at www.angelinadorogi.com. She’s going to be in New York through the month of November, so contact her if you want to work with her and you live in NYC.  Check out some of our other work we’ve done with Angelina Dorogi using the same model. . .

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