SB Scene : Lindsey Hartsough of Magnolia Events is the B-Day Girl ! Also featured in ‘ The Wedding Chicks Blog’ . makeup & hair by LunaBella

The lovely Lindsey Hartsough, of Magnolia Events in Santa Barbara is having her Vintage Carnival Themed B-day party at ‘Blush’. This means tutus, fishnet tights, mini hats, tightrope umbrellas….or was this just Ashley & I’s costumes? There were amazing confections by Jessica Foster and I mean AMAZING ! Mini churros, bags of carnival popcorn, cotton candy, sprinkled old-fashioned doughnuts……SUPER YUM!!! Before the party, we arrived at Lindsey’s house and did her hair & make-up, to get her ready for the big bash. It was great treating one of our industry peeps to a pamper session.

The floral arrangements and event design was by the ever-so-clever Nico Cervantes of NCL Productions in Santa Barbara. Gorgeous pink flowers, candles, and feathers were decorated on the tables at the event and damn were they cute! There was also a photo booth with a whole bunch of props, which we all hopped in on and had a blast ! Definitely cannot wait until her next birthday!

Her ‘Vintage Circus Birthday Party’ theme was so awesome that it was featured on the amazing blog ‘The Wedding Chicks’ as a suggested wedding theme. How awesome is that?! We’ve put the whole entry and link to their website below. Visit them on for all of your wedding inspirations and ideas. Enjoy , we did ! Oh , and don’t forget to check out our ‘behind-the-scences’ pictures of the party. The word ‘sweet’ is an understatement. -xo, LunaBella Make-Up Art

Circus Wedding Ideas

Our next feature was actually a 30th birthday celebration for event designer Lindsey Hartsough for Magnolia Event Design. The ideas were so spectacular and could easily be carried over for a wedding. Lindsey goes on to share how her day was put together and of course give you some fabulous Circus Wedding Ideas. That are glitzy, glamorous and of whole lot of fun.

The ever so fabulous Linda Chaja captured this fun day. You can see so many more photos in the full gallery by clicking here. Let us know what you think about this circus extravaganza.

From Lindsey:

Circus to me evokes fun, childhood, fantasy, beauty and all things wonderful. Being an event designer I find that food is the easiest way to convey a theme to your guests and luckily for me the thought of “Circus/Carnival Food” makes me giddy! I am a girl who loves to go to carnivals, cicus’ and fairs to experience all the tasty treats that aren’t easy to come by. I taste a lot of “fancy” food for my clients, but there is nothing like a corn dog, churro, popcorn, cotton candy or a caramel apple. Because my guests are used to fancy food I thought it would be fun for them to go back to childhood and enjoy lots of tasty treats. I worked with the chef to “fabulize” the foods a bit, but really didn’t want to take away from the traditional mindset that these foods convey.

So, what is a birthday without a cake? To me funfetti cake is childhood all baked up! There is something unexpected and fun about cutting into a formal cake and finding every cover of the rainbow inside. Jessica created her Salted Caramel Apples and Beet Sugar dyed Truffles. Okay, you may think you have tried a Caramel Apple before, but you haven’t! These little puppies make my mouth water just writing about them. As the birthday girl I would have hoped my friends would have left me one, but NO! Those babies were devoured before I had a chance to grab one for myself… how rude!

A “Lindsey” event isn’t an event without an Open Air Photo Booth… we created a custom backdrop for the booth and was sparkly and super fun. Nick designed the perfect custom layout to match the event perfectly! Who knew that in Nick’s bag of tricks was a professional grade cotton candy maker machine thing? Nick has that little sugar goddess available for rent and let me tell you first hand how much fun it is to have cotton candy at your party… real FUN!

As you see there are a ton of custom cocktails at the party. Lindsey greeted guest with a custom cocktail.

I really love floral tasting drinks and feel in love with Parfait Amour, which is a violet liqueur on one of my trips to Vancouver. I worked with Josh at Blush to create the perfect signature cocktail for my event. I wanted something with a violet hue and that had a floral taste.

Lindsey’s Luscious Lavender Sparkler
1 part Pinky vodka (This vodka is hand blended with violets, rose petals and ten other botanicals),

1 part rose champagne
and a dash of Parfait Amour.
We garnished with fresh mini edible flowers

The idea of carnival food at a wedding at first makes you think ummmm no…but, we love the idea of jazzing it up a bit and making carnival food fancy. Sounds like an episode of Top Chef. What do you think? Would you opt for carnival food at a wedding?

Mossin the super duper fabulous chef at Blush created a custom menu for me and the guests raved about the flavors and treats. We had carnival treats- churros, corndogs, French fries, mac and cheese, burgers,

Desert Table Deserts: Jessica Foster Confections

Photographer: Linda Chaja
Event Designer: Lindsey Hartsough for Magnolia Event Design
Venue: Blush Restaurant and Lounge
Makeup: Luna Bella- Hair and Makeup
Cake: Siblings Bakery- Birthday Cake
Flowers: NLC Productions
Lighting: Bella Vista Designs- Lighting and fabric
Stationery: Lazaro Press
Photo Booth: Open Air Photo Booth
Linens: La Tavola Linens

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