The Engagement : Alex + Alex, Hair & Make-up by LunaBella

Meet Alex + Alex ! First, how cool is that? Second, we got a chance to do Alex’s hair & make-up before her engagement shoot and she was awesome. Her and her fiance are good friends of Christianne Taylor, an outstanding photographer that we adore here in Santa Barbara. For Alex’s make-up, she just wanted an enhanced version of herself, a little more bumped up. Ashley used a satin yellow all over the lid and a warm brown in the crease, a vanilla tone underneath the brow highlight, gel eyeliner for added definition, airbrush foundation, and false lashes. Also, the lip color she’s wearing will last 8-10 hours and Ashley custom blended that color to her liking. Oh, and it won’t kiss off on him ! Smart.
For Alex’s hair, we both decided to keep her natural curl, which was beautiful anyway. As ‘curly-haired women’, we understand the importance of someone knowing how to work with curls. To mimic her curl pattern, we used a clipless curling iron in a 3/4 inch size and curled both away from the face as well as toward the face. This gives the appearance of a natural curl in the hair vs. a manufactured curl pattern. Kevin Murphy’s ‘Easy.Rider’ was used throughout the hair before heat as a working anti-frizz creme. It adds amazing shine after heat and controls the curl. The best part about the product is the amazing lavender smell. YUM!
Wanna see more of Alex + Alex’s engagement shoot by Christianne Taylor? Just click on the link !

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