The Wedding : Kim + Ari , Hair & Make-up by LunaBella

Working with Kim was an absolute dream for a number of reasons. One of those is definitely because her & her husband had a BOMB wedding dance down the aisle! But the best reasons were probably her warmth and ability to trust our expertise from the beginning, which was hugely important & also great asset to the success of her hair & make-up experience. Now, just to give you a little background on Kim’s wedding ideas, she’s definitely got major style ! For starters, her gorgeous wedding dress is an amazing Monique Lhuillier, her shoes were these stunning “something blue” Badgley Mischkas, and the feather brooch that was to be in her hair ….’BELLA’ ! So our design for her make-up & hair look was to come up with something that will be timeless, romantic, and yet compliment the remainder of her wedding style.

For Kim’s make-up, she wanted for her eyes to be the main focus with natural colors. So Ashley & Kim decided to go with colors like honey golds and warm browns to really accentuate her eyes. Ashley also used a black gel eyeliner to give more definition to her lash line. This creates the illusion of fuller and darker lashes. For her foundation, Ashley used airbrush foundation to give her skin that flawless finish throughout the event. Airbrush is waterproof, transferproof, and looks amazing in person as well as on film.

On her lips, Ashley created a custom lip tone in the rose family, which also has a 8-10 hour wear. These long lasting lip colors are amazing because they’ll stay on your lips, the color doesn’t move, and all you have to do is touch them up with a little gloss. For the final touch, Ashley pumped up her eyes once more with some custom individual lashes. Individual lashes are amazing for a natural look and for someone that has never worn lashes. Sometimes going from never wearing lashes to a full-strip lash can be a little heavy and werid for a first-timer, so the individuals are a great option. You can also make them as natural or as full as you like because you have the control of adding more.

For Kim’s hair, she wanted to keep her hair down with some hair pulled up in the front & loose curls. We also that we wanted some additional length, so we added some extensions throughout her hair. Adding the extensions gave her hair more length & volume, which was great for the look. Sometimes after adding extensions, you may have to layer them by having a professional so they blend. There’s nothing like seeing someone with a head full of extensions but you can see where her ‘real hair’ starts and stops in comparison to the wefts. YIKES! So, after we added the extra hair, we went in and layered them to blend perfectly.

As you can see, her make-up & hair held up great throughout the night, which is key. You want for the make-up & hair to still look amazing toward the end of the wedding as it did before the ceremony. You can check out some of Kim’s gorgeous behind-the-scenes pics on our website at and you can view her wedding gallery on Kristen Grinnelle’s Blog . Click the link :

She’s so darn cute!!!!! Go Kim, it’s ya Wedding Day !!!! – xo, LunaBella Make-up Art

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