The Wedding: Lila Rose +Jarret’s Orella Ranch Wedding

When we met Lila Rose we knew were a match made in wedding heaven. Not only did she have naturally curly locks such as ourselves, she also had a great vibe about her. At her trial we tried different shades of warm brown, soft plums, and soft earth tones to compliment her gorgeous green eyes and olive skin tone. With her hair we wanted to mimic her curl pattern and style it in a natural “effortless” side up-do. Lila’s wedding style was very true to herself, natural, soft spoken with a touch of glam. We were able to give her what most brides ask for, a true enhancement themselves.

On the Day of , Lila was nothing but smiles amongst her 8 wonderful bridesmaids, which all were treated to hair and make-up, and manicures. She allowed everyone to do whatever they wanted with their hair and make-up, which really captured their individual styles. You could feel the positive buzz in the room as everyone was pampered. When it was finally Lila’s turn in the hot seat, she was cool, calm, and excited. She asked her florist to provide hair flowers and flare. The peacock feathers were such a fun and cute addition to the style. Lila was overjoyed with how the morning went and we loved every minute of working with her and her wedding party.

The whole event was expertly coordinated by a truly wonderful Coordinator, Robin Sonner (805-453-1804).We managed to schedule all 10 ladies with hair, make, and manicures all in 4 hours. Everything ran smoothly, of course 😉 The event was captured by the ever-so-talented photographer Kristin Renee.

For the full slideshow of their wedding, click here.

Lila, thanks again for including us in your special day. You were an absolute pleasure to work with. All the best!!!

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