Spotlight : Photographer Molly Hauge’s First Exhibit featuring LunaBella Make-up Art’s Body Art

Textiles by Molly Hauge, photographer

“My very first exhibit happened this past week up in Santa Barbara, CA. The first Thursday of each month, the town has various galleries, coffee houses, salons, etc put together a show or viewing of local artists. I was thrilled when a friend and fellow artist (musician/hair stylist) Bryan Allen of Avia Salon asked me to be their featured artist. With all the excitement came the daunting tasking of creating a body of work to display. I did not have anything in mind that I would want to shoot, as almost everywhere you go you see landscapes or something of that nature. Then it hit me! This past year, I had done a series titled “Textiles” for a portraiture class. It might have been the most exciting project that I had done thus far, and I had invested a lot of time, money, and resources into the project. Because of its “beauty” nature, I thought this beauty salon was the perfect place to make its debut (outside of school). Here are some shots, from my handy-dandy iPhone, of the actual reception and I must say, it came together quite nicely. Thank you to Christian and Oreana Winery for donating an essential pairing for an event like this! I was overwhelmed at the amount of support I received from friends and strangers! It was AWESOME!!!!! Cannot thank everyone enough for coming to see the show and your overall support of this endeavor!! It feels good. – XO, Molly


The image to the right is one of the models that was body painted by Christin & Ashley, owners of LunaBella Make-up & Hair. They said ” The idea was to have the models’ bodies mimic the fabric of choice, detail for detail. Which is not an easy task.” The owners & creators of the Santa Barbara company, Ashley Kelly & Christin Brown of LunaBella Make-up & Hair, share some insight of body painting.

“If anything is off, you’ll notice it with your eye. You have to make sure that you capture everything on the body as it is on the image …” says Christin of LunaBella. Below, you will see the image of the male model captured in the pink & brown accented portrait. Although his back is to us in the image, you can tell he’s still blushing.

Below are clusters of the images themselves which entail both a female and male model that have been body-painted to match textiles that I had purchased. The makeup was done by the amazing duo, Ashley and Christin, of LunaBella Makeup Art. It was so much fun!!!

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