FashionSMACK ! :: Spring 2012 Nail Trend

Ahhhhh, the sweet smell of nail polish and what’s new with the Spring 2012 nail trends. This Spring 2012, runway shows such as Derek Lam and Giorgio Armani represented the naked nudes on their models while Christian Dior’s show sported a bold 1950’s inspired red-corvette polish. This season, it’s all about making a statement with bold, solid colors or keeping it in the tan family with soft beige and milky eggshell. As seen not only on the runway, but on the streets, women are going for a color that commands attention in both the work place and outside of it. Colors such as “Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh?” and”Thanks a WindMillion” are just some of the colors making a splash in OPI’s Spring 2012 HOLLAND collection.

Tasty, latte-colored laquers and toffee polish with a glossy top coat ? Ooo-la-la ! Below, check out Drew’s nail color by HIPP X RGB which fits perfectly with her ombre hair color.

Another “nail art” texture featured in New York Fashion Week was a lattice-print with gold tip accents. This is definitely a skill that may require someone else to do it for you, but nonetheless is stunning.

While the ‘ombre ‘ hair coloring method is one of my personal favorite ways to color the hair, this style is definitely making an appearance in the relm of nails as well. Below, one of Jen Kao’s models is rocking the black-to-blue ombre during at the Mercedez Benz Fashion Show. I cannot wait to try this at home!

Bold reds are popping up all over the place right now which is all the rage. Wearing a rich red not only on the hands, but on the lips as well, is classically feminine. This look goes especially well with a soft, winged eyeliner & volumizing mascara as a 5-minute pick-me-up look.

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