Spotlight : ‘ The Bald Beauty Collection’ by Photographer Hoda Amel Abdalla & ‘LunaBella Make-Up Art’

When we were initially asked to be a part of this project with photographer, Hoda Amel Abdalla, we were honored. The preface of this project was to convey the beauty and empowerment in women who are survivors of cancer, more specifically, breast cancer. The Bald Beauty Collection was done over the course of two days, both in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara, Ca. with 25 female models requiring both beauty make-up & bald caps. Many of these professional models have never been placed in a bald cap for a  , so this was an eye-opening and life-changing experience for them as well. Not only because of the reason behind the project, but many of the models and artists, like us, have or have had family members affected by the illness. Below, Abdalla gives her own preface to this project :

“The Bald Beauty Collection stimulates my desire to show that the beauty of women lay within their attitude. This collection was created to empower women as a way to step back and appreciate their beauty in the state/ condition its in. As the photographer, I focused my attention toward the women, who I feel take on one of the most courageous battles in life by struggling with their hair loss from illness and treatment. These women have a large struggle in overcoming the norms of physical beauty with the acception of their changing physical state, with hair loss. A special thank you goes out to the twenty-five models, their agencies, and LunaBella Make-Up Art for providing me with such amazing talent in making this collection possible. “

– Hoda Amel Abdalla, photographer

And just a reminder, these models all have hair. In fact, many of them had long, full hair which did make it a challenge to get the caps as smooth as possible. If the cap were to rip or split anywhere, we would have to toss it out and start from scratch. The key to getting the bald cap as smooth as possible is to make the hair underneath as sleek as you can. The more sleek and smooth the hair is underneath, the smoother the cap will fit to the head shape. Very important. We applied a bald cap on each of these ladies and concealed with different make-up mediums to make it look ‘as close to skin’ as possible.  That also means mimicking skin texture, moles , and freckles. It was an amazing shoot.  Here are a few of our favorite images from the shoot that we’d like to share with you.

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