Celebrity Spotlight :: Wanda Sykes, Comedian. Activist. Writer. Survivor.

She’s not only hilarious on & off the camera, but she’s a “Jill-of-all-trades”. Political comedian, Wanda Sykes, is not only an outstanding icon in the world of comedy, but she’s an amazing activist, a grammy-award winning writer for such shows a “The Chris Rock Show” and “Inside the NFL”, and the list goes on. We actually had the luxury of meeting and working with the lovely Wanda Sykes before her stand-up show in San Diego, Ca. with OLIVIA Travels & Vacations. Just as you would imagine, she’s just as funny off camera and ridiculously down-to-earth ( would you expect otherwise ?).

Wanda Sykes as not only this force to be reckoned with as far as being one of  ” The Most Influential People of 2011″, but she’s recently won the battle against a life-threatening disease. Sykes recently had a double-mastectomy to zero her chances of the ductal carcinoma spreading, which she says “now gives her zero chance of breast cancer.”

Sykes has also recently become the poster-child for LGBT activism in the community. Wanda has publicly been out since late-2008 and enjoys her life with her beautiful wife, Alex , and their two babies Olivia & Lucas.

In meeting Wanda Sykes for the first time, you try to not be ‘starstruck’ and remain professional. From the moment you shake hands with her, you feel completely on her level and she on yours. Such a warm personality, naturally funny, and genuinely real. What more can we say but we absolutely LOVED our experience with one of the finest female comedians and one of the most influential people in the world. Wanda, we love you and can’t wait until you visit Santa Barbara !     – XOXO, C & A

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