It’s Getting Hot in Hair! :: a Few Summer Do’s that ROCK!

Is it REALLY June already?! Wasn’t it just January like two weeks ago? So crazy how time flies, but we’re ready for the heat, the beach, & a few summer hairstyles that ROCK! As many of you know, we live & work in Santa Barbara, so everyone is almost always at the beach soaking up the rays or working someplace that requires you to be constantly on-the-go (i.e.restaurants, bars, salons, etc.). I find that many of the following hairstyles are not only great looks but they’re kind of resourceful and keep you cool throughout the summer.

:: The Fishtail Braid ::

The Fishtail Braid, (obviously known for the look, resembling scales on a fish’s tail) is one of the most popular types of braids that have made a HUGE comeback. Songstress, Leona Lewis is rockin the hell out of this one and it looks so amazing on her. Many of us that we in middle school in the 90’s remember a lot of our girlfriends rockin’ this “new” braid that look amazingly hard to do with intricate results. I wanted long hair at that time specifically so someone could braid my hair into a fishtail! That never happened, but I learned how to create this awesome braid and believe it or not, many of our brides ask to incorperate some type of braid into their wedding-day style or decide to make it their wedding day style. For me, when making this braid, I find that smaller strands make the braid look way more intricate vs. taking bigger sections. Check out some “fishtail braiding tutorials” on and play around with your hair. If you don’t get it the first time, you’re on to something 🙂







:: The Summer Chop ::

Many of you brave ladies (and gents) have already taken the plunge into your summer look by committing to a summer chop. Actress, Michelle Williams and along with other celebs, are creating a buzz in salons because of their new cuts. If your hair is already short this may be an easy transition for you. However, there are plenty long-hair ladies out there that want to do something COMPLETELY new and are looking for something like this. Michelle’s look is feminine, super sexy, & fairly low-maintanence. Many of my clients have asked for this exact look, especially for the summer because they want something that doesn’t take a whole lot of time, but gives them that funky-edge. To maintain a short Twiggy-style, you need two major ingredients : education from your stylist and great product. Although this is a low-maintanence style, if you do not properly educate your client on products, tools, and even the style you’ve given, they most likely will not be able to keep it up. Thus, not doing your work any justice. A recent poll was taken on clients and their stylists and the #1 thing they all could agree on was “wanting more education from their hairstylists”. As for products, you can’t expect to get a $100 look from .99cent product. Take the time and money to invest into your hair & skincare because in the end, it’s worth it. Just like you. Too cheesy?




:: The Samurai Bun ::

Ah, the bun. The bun has been around forever. Whether it’s on a cheerleader or a ballet dancer, the bun represents precision and formality. Bring it up to current trends, and you have a look that’s classic, playful, and only took you 30secs. to complete. Rihanna’s bun sits high on top of the head, which elongates the neck even more than a bun placed at the base of the head (below the occipital bone). I love the samurai bun because it’s so versatile. She could be wearing a black cocktail dress or cami w/jeans, a pair of Louboutin’s or a pair of Chuck T’s. The bun can be the “last resort hairstyle” that can save your whole look. Now, if you notice anything different about this bun, it’s not your traditional “ballerina bun” with the hole in the middle. With this bun, the hair is simply put in a regular ponytail first. Then, with either a comb or brush, tease the underside of the pony. The more backcombing or teasing you do, the more texture and “runway” it will look. Grab your ponytail and begin to twist and wrap it in a circle around it’s base. The bun will begin to form and you can either secure it with hairpins or with another hair-tie. To see an actual tutorial on DIY buns, visit YouTube under “how to do a red-carpet bun”.


:: The Beach Wave ::


Last but not least, we have the ever-timelss “beach wave”. Beach hair is what every girl wants. A beautiful, effortless bend in the hair, which is just enough to make a statement but doesn’t look like you put a curling iron to it as well. Beachy hair was created by the little surfer chicks who would get in and out of the saltwater and be in the sun all day long. Salt bonds and hydrogen bonds naturally affect the physical state of hair temporarily, these little surfer girls were walking away from the beaches with a cool wave pattern in the hair. There are plenty hair products out there that have now created a “beach spray” or sea-salt spray, so that you can recreate that look without spending a whole day at the beach. Above, young-Hollywood starlett Maika Monroe is on the cover of Santa Barbara Magazine with a golden-bronze look and the beach hair to match. Actually, we did the hair & make-up for this cover & photoshoot, so the beach hair is LEGIT. Although I used product and curling irons to create this look, you can do this at home by simply braiding your hair when it’s still wet. By braiding your hair wet and allowing it to dry, the hydrogen bonds in your hair are remolded into the new wave pattern. This style will last until your next encounter with water, so the wave pattern should hold up pretty well. If you’re not the best braider, hop on YouTube and explore. Seriously, go… now.


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