:: Quiet On the Set :: Working with Nautica Co. for a 2012 Campaign in Santa Barbara, LunaBella Asst. Hair & Makeup

Nautica is one of the world’s most recognizable clothing and apparel companies on the market. Heck, I remember being in elementary school and if you were a guy wearing a Nautica jacket or shirt, you were pretty damn cool. Fast-forward 15 years, and that’s still the case. We recently worked with Nautica for their Summer 2012 Campaign in Santa Barbara and it was dope! It was a three-day photo shoot with Nautica’s best male, female, and children models. Since it was for the Summer 2012 campaign, we actually shot this in November. So if you could imagine, the weather was a little more grey than they would’ve liked but it made the lighting in the pictures awesome.

Because this was a summer shoot and being mostly shot on the beach, our job as makeup and hair was to continue to create the look of bronzed skin, hydrated lips, and beachy hair. For makeup, Ashley got the chance to work alongside the fierce & talented celebrity makeup artist, Riku Campo while on set. The two tackled models with bronzed body makeup to create that summer glow from head to toe and well as ultra-hydrating lip conditioners for everyone, considering it was the fall.  Now in the hair department, it was my job to make sure that the children models were polished and tangle-free. If any of you out there have kids, you already know that’s easier said than done, right?! Oh well, they were adorable and so full of energy! The gents were easy-peasy. Keeping their hair groomed, but also giving them that “ I just woke up but damn I look good” look is what the creative directors wanted.

Here’s a tear sheet of the campaign we worked on, which was featured in US Weekly this past Father’s Day. Below is one of our male models, Din Yates with his kid model, Cedric.

Be sure to stay tuned for more images from our shoot with Nautica either on here or in magazines. XOXO

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