:: Style Me Pretty Book Cover Photo Shoot by Jose Villa + Joy de Vivre, LunaBella… Part II

:: Style Me Pretty Cover Photo Shoot w/ Jose Villa + Joy de Vivre, Part II

The holidays are just around the corner and you know what that means! Well, yes, it could mean a lot of things. Good food, good drink, good company. And good weddings? YES ! December (which is coming faster than we know it) will be the debut of the FIRST EDITION of the “Style Me Pretty ‘WEDDINGS’ Book”! Industry professionals & brides-to-be across the country are waiting to get their hands on a copy before the 2013 Wedding Season.  You can check out amazon.com to pre-order your own copy before it hits the stands.

As many of you know, we were thrilled to be the hair and makeup artists for the book cover photo shoot, which was amazing. The Sunstone Villa, where we shot the photo shoot, was insanely gorgeous. Our two models from the shoot were an actual couple, which made it even more romantic, and lastly the makeup & hair design was completely up to our creation which tickled me. Please check out the Jose Villa + Joy de Vivre, Part II on Style Me Pretty Blog by just clicking here!

OR….. you can check out the lovely video by LolaVideo.net by clicking here!.

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