:: Workhorse Jewelry’s Latest Collection :: Photography by Nancy Neil, Makeup & Hair by LunaBella

Workhorse Jewelry is purely sweet, thoughtful, and nostalgic jewelry that has you sold from the moment you see it. Their arrow and revolver necklaces, oval plaque cuff bracelets, and double finger rings are hand-crafted and truly unique.

“Workhorse is a long-awaited collaboration between Zoë Chicco and the twin sisters behind Archive Jewelry. Besides being friends, we have been co-workers and peers in the industry for over five years and have always wanted to join forces to create a dream line. Workhorse jewelry is the next chapter in our story together. Taking a page from Zoë’s book of success we’ve created a fine jewelry line, with a twist, incorporating both delicate and statement pieces. Drawing from the vintage inspired world of Archive we unearth antiques and transform them into modern, provocative pieces intended to act as the “workhorses” in your jewelry box.”

-Workhorse Jewelry
Here’s some amazing images from the lovely Nancy Neil, featuring some of our makeup and hair. There’s also a behind the scenes video as well by Ethan Brostedt! Also, be sure to visit the Workhorse Jewelry website because I guarantee you’ll want at least one piece! They’re gorgeous! XOXO

Visit http://www.workhorsejewelry.com

Model: Chante

Photographer: Nancy Neil

Hair & Makeup: LunaBella Makeup & Hair

Jewelry: Workhorse Jewelry

Super 8mm: Ethan Brostedt

Wardrobe: Bonita, Summerland

Some behind the scenes shots…




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