Behind-the-Scenes :: Working the ‘1950s Inspired’ Photoshoot for DIANI Boutique

Beehives, roller sets, and a winged cat-eye are just some of the nostalgia that screams ‘1950s’. Caroline Diani, the owner of the DIANI Boutique in Santa Barbara, does a holiday photo shoot with her employees every year. However, this isn’t just your typical photo shoot. Caroline allows us to transform her employees into models for the day, which is awesome! This year’s theme was centered around the early ’50s, the ‘mad men’ era, which is always a gorgeous look. We had 13 models (14 if you count in Little Baby Dillon) including the photographer Shannon Jayne of Shannon Jayne Miller Photography, as well as Caroline Diani herself. We started our first model at 8am that morning and didn’t stop until 9pm that night. Long day, but these images are going to be outstanding! You’ll be able to see some of the behind the scenes images now, thanks to photographer Jeffrey Doornbos, but stay tuned for the ACTUAL posters which will also be hanging in the DIANI stores in Santa Barbara for the holidays.

Be sure to regularly check out DIANI online at for the latest boutique fashion or their blog at XOXO

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