To Makeup or NOT Makeup: Why you should leave it to the Pros

To makeup or not to makeup, that is the question. Somehow, women find themselves in these situations where they’re having a personal debate whether or not to hire a professional for makeup and hair. We’ve actually had a few brides in the past say to us “I can’t believe that I was actually considering doing my own hair & makeup for my wedding day”. That’s a HUGE no-no. Now, I’m not saying that you don’t know how to do your own hair & makeup. That’s not what this is about. Whether it’s your wedding day or you’re just having professional head shots taken, we firmly believe that you should just step back and leave it to the pros. Now, why is that? Well, here are a few reasons as to why you should consider hiring the professionals and reconsider putting down the $5 foundation for that special event.

It’s an art form, not a chore.

IMG_3505Women are constantly on-the-go. We rush out of the house, we work, we have meetings, we have kids, we have to get stuff for dinner AND we barely have any time for ourselves. So many of our past clients have consistently said to us “I wish I knew how to do my makeup like yours”. The reason we know how to do our makeup like this is for two reasons: 1.) years of honing our craft, and 2.) we’re not looking at doing our makeup or hair as a chore. If you wake up and only give yourself 5 minutes in the car to do your makeup and hair, you’re never going to change the way you do your makeup, because it’s routine. As artists, you’re forced to step outside of your normal routine or comfort zone and step into honing your craft. By creating new looks as well as making huge mistakes, it’s all a part of the craftsmanship involved in being an artist.

This is our profession, not a hobby.

It’s my funniest pet-pieve when a client puts a professional makeup artist or hair artist in the same category as their best friend who ‘does her own makeup well’. Speaking on behalf of all of the professional mua (makeup up artists) and hair artists out there, there’s a HUGE difference. Here’s a mini cheat sheet that will help you determine the difference between the two :

Professional                                                         Hobby

PRO kit for clients only        Uses their personal makeup on clients

Has foundation for ALL skintones           only has selected few

Knowledge of ALL skin types          only familiar w/ own’s skin type

Confident with ALL eye shapes     confident w/ eyeshape like own’s eyes

Knows timing and efficiency     may not be aware of timing or efficiency

Acts ALL hygienic/safe work codes        may know hygienic/safe work

These are just some of the most common differences between a professional artist and someone who just does it ‘on the side’. Now, that’s not to say that someone doing this as a hobby will NEVER become a professional. That crossover happens all the time. However, we’ve been in the industry for almost 11 years now and it takes some serious dedication, determination, and education to achieve the title of being a ‘pro’ in this profession.


aprileyesOh, the lighting. The beauty and the beast, quite frankly. Lighting and cameras can either be on your side or against you completely, when it comes to makeup. To someone who may not be used to doing makeup in different light settings, they’ll soon understand that not doing someone’s makeup in the right lighting can be your biggest downfall. For makeup artists, lighting is everything. It tells you the mood, it tells you what will look the best, and it tells you whether you did the job perfectly or not. For example, if my client is getting married outdoors and she’ll be in natural sunlight majority of the time, I’m going to do her makeup completely different than if she was getting married in the late evening indoors. For example, blush is one of the hardest concepts for some brides to understand. Some don’t like blush or bronzer because they feel a little overdone. However, the moment you move from the indoor/studio lighting, to outside on a sandy, white beach, you’ll soon understand how big a difference the lighting has on the overall look of the makeup. We’ve also had situations where we show up to do the makeup and we’re in the darkest room in the house. As an artist, having your own source of lighting is crucial, regardless of the setting. Ashley has a professional lighting system from a company called Glamcor, which is specifically designed for the makeup artist in mind. Their lighting mimics natural-outdoor lighting which has a blue cast vs. indoor lighting which is naturally yellow. Genius! You can even try this at home. Do your makeup in the mirror at home and then go to a store or public restroom where there’s florescent lighting. Believe us, you’ll be able to tell the difference right away.

We know what you NEED over what you WANT.

TatiannaAs we’re gearing up and rapidly booking for 2013, it’s definitely trial time! A trial is when a client comes into our studio, shows us the look their wanting for their big day, and then we try it out.
We have them bring images of what they would like to encompass for their ideal look and then we try it out. But sometimes what a client wants may not necessarily be what they need. Let me explain. Recently, we had a client that was absolutely stunning and in her early 20s, request a makeup and hairstyle that was completely outdated. Now, I’m all for bringing back a style from another decade and making it your own. For example, this year was all about the 1920s finger wave hairstyle and old Hollywood glamour look. I love it ! However, when a bride shows you a picture of a crispy, crunchy 80s updo and a makeup picture to match, I have to give my honest and best professional opinion. You want to be able to look back at your wedding/special event pictures years from now and look “timeless”. You never want to look back at your pictures and say “what the hell is my hair doing in these pictures” or “why did I let that artist do a blue smokey eye with pink lips?”. As professionals, it’s our do-diligence to bring out the best in our clients inside and out. So, you sometimes just have to trust your artist that they know what they’re doing and we know what you need over what you want.

In conclusion, the choice is ultimately yours. We’ve seen images of brides that have done their own makeup and hair on their wedding day, and they look naturally great. Actually, if you do decide to do your own hair and makeup, you may want to consider getting professional advice before the big day. Otherwise, put your trust in the best artists you’ve researched and have fun. That’s what it’s all about. Your special day should be fun, excited, and reassuring that you’ve made the right choice in choosing your professional vendors. There are a lot of blogs out there today that list vendors information, even listing the professionals that they recommend. Some of our favorite sites such as “Style Me Pretty”, “The Wedding Chicks”, “the Knot” and plenty others showcase helpful information that will be sure to relieve the stress of what a lot of brides go through in the planning phase. Be sure to check out Style Me Pretty and the Wedding Chicks to view some of our most recent weddings. And remember, a picture is worth a lifetime, so do it right the first time. XOXO

wedding expo--ash and me

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