Part 2: 1950s Inspired Photoshoot with Santa Barbara’s DIANI Boutique , Makeup & Hair by LunaBella

Well, you’ve waited very patiently for the FINAL images of this amazing 1950s inspired shoot we did with the whole DIANI Boutique in Santa Barbara…..and the wait is over. Here they are! I’m thanking my instructors in cosmetology school now for all those roller sets I’ve ever done because the hair lasted and looked stunning.Stay tuned for images on the incredible 10 Year Birthday Bash for the DIANI store with our work displayed throughout the store. YAY!! XO

Charlene. DIANI Sales Assosiate Extraordianaire

Kelly. DIANI Senior Sales Assosiate Extraordinare

Atoia. DIANI Assistant Manager Extraordinaire

Victoria. DIANI Assistant to Buyer and VP of Operations Extraordinaire

Brooke. DIANI Web Assistant Extraordinaire

Sarah. Web and Media Assistant and Stylist Extraordinaire

Mary. DIANI Bookkeeper and Office Manager Extraordinaire

Lana. DIANI Shoes Manager Extraordinaire

Whitney. DIANI VP of Web and Marketing Extraordinaire

Liz. DIANI VP of Sales and General Manager Extraordinaire

Caroline. DIANI Founder and Buyer

Shannon. DIANI Web Photographer Extraordinaire



2 thoughts on “Part 2: 1950s Inspired Photoshoot with Santa Barbara’s DIANI Boutique , Makeup & Hair by LunaBella

  1. Fabulous photos. Interesting representation of women, too. I especially like the woman laying on the bed with the empty glass, and the lady holding the cute baby. Just realised they probably represent the way I was, and the way I am now…and I am pretty sure being the former got me into the later trouble 😉

    1. I love your response on these images ! It was a trip because one of our models was a more mature woman and she felt the same way! Very interesting. We absolutely loved doing the makeup and hair for this shoot specifically because of the era. Thanks for the support! Oh, ps, that adorable little baby is the model’s actual 6month old. CUTE!!!

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