Lauren + Igor :: Engagement Photo Shoot in Santa Barbara by photographer Ashleigh Taylor Photography. Hair & Makeup by LunaBella

Lauren was such a pleasure to work with in so many ways. She wasn’t afraid of makeup, but also wanted to still look like herself. She knew exactly the look she wanted, but also wanted to explore some options like fuller lashes and long-lasting lip color. For her engagement shoot, she wanted to basically look like an enhanced version of herself, which is the perfect line to walk with a client. Ashley played up the beautiful dark greens in her eyes by working with more red-brown based eyeshadows and also went with a more natural lip tone so that the eyes remain the focus feature. lauren and igor2

With Lauren’s hair, she wanted a very simple but elegant ‘Kate Middleton’ feel, which I loved. Because she’s shooting with photographer Ashleigh Taylor for a few hours and being at the beach, we really needed a smooth style with some longevity. I set Lauren’s hair in Kevin Murphy medium rollers for 20minutes, so when the hair cools, it will be set in it’s new, bouncy shape. Gorgeous.

lauren and igor3

Such a beautiful couple. lauren and igor4 I’m definitely a fan of the Christian Louboutin’s aka ‘red-bottoms’. Yum! lauren and igor5Absolutely looking forward to working with Lauren on her special day, so be sure to stay tuned for those wedding images. They’re gonna be stunning!

To view the FULL GALLERY, please click here to visit Ashleigh Taylor’s blog. XOlauren and igor

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