Oldie but Goodie :: Behind-the-Scenes at LA Fashion Week Spring 2013 Collection

Ah, the Fashion Weeks of the world. Whether it’s Milan, New York, Los Angeles, or Paris, Fashion Week is where an artist’s creativity and imagination meets the fiercest runways of the world. When you’re back stage at fashion week there’s a certain energy , an almost buzzing sense of controlled chaos is in the air. Production managers with headsets walking briskly-by, half-naked models being escorted by wardrobe stylists toward garment racks, hair stylists creating puffs of hairspray in the air along with makeup artists bronzing & highlighting  are just a few of the common scenarios witnessed backstage at fashion week. But these are also the very things that keep artists coming back year after year and participating in the fashion week festivities. This year, our team had our hands in 5 different shows for LA Fashion Week Spring 2013, which was incredible. We were even asked to take on a whole additional show just minutes before the show started, and yes, those are the kinds of situations that you have to be ready for all the time.

Now many of you of course want to know what the looks are for the season, and that definitely half of the fun. However, as you know for us, the fun and creativity comes from our hand and transformed into hair and makeup. So getting to do these out-of-the-box editorial looks on these gorgeous models was simply an artist’s dream.

The Los Angeles Fashion Week was being held at the gorgeous Vibiana, which has over 130 years of rich Los Angeles history, 35.000 square feet of luxurious space, with Baroque inspired architecture and interior. At first you’re kind of thinking to yourself “do we REALLY need all of this space?” , but then you soon find out “yes, yes we really do need all of this space and would you guys mind scooting down a bit?!”. But I guess tha’s all a part of being an artist that is ready for whatever life throws her/him.

Well, I won’t keep you waiting, so here are the images from the show and backstage. Enjoy. XO


For the Bri Seeley show . I spy with my little eye, the gorgeous Carissa Rosario front stage.


Below, our gorgeous model friend, Eromomen, just absolutely strutting on the catwalk. photo(60)


bri1 bri2 bri3 bri4photo(65)

You can definitely have a lot of fun working with male models. Not only because they’re fun to look at, but because they keep you laughing and reminding you that you’re supposed to have fun. photo(67)Some more of our models from another show we did with designer Kait Blu. photo(69)

Below, this piece is from designer J Haus, which was made completely out of ….corn? YESSSSSSS!!!!


Snagging a quick picture of myself with the ever-so-sexy designer sisters, Sachika Twins. You better WORK! photo(66)

Taking a little behind-the-scenes pic with America’s Next Top Model Brittany Brown, just after I did her makeup for the show. I absolutely loved this red lip on her!

photo(89)Well, I can’t forget to show you MY look !  I had to work the the yellow tones on that day because it’s definitely one of my favorite power colors. Call me mellow-yellow. photo(70)

I felt like doing something rather intricate with this model’s hair because it was so long and so thick! Which was great because it gave me the opportunity to pull off something so artistic, like a nice fishtail braid.


Brittany and I just clowning around. photo(72)

How many America’s Next Top Models can you fit on the runway? :0) photo(73)

Some images from the lovely Masai Payan’s show that we worked. photo(75) photo(76) photo(77) photo(79) photo(80)Designer, Masai Payan. He’s so damn adorable.


Hands-down, one of the coolest shows that I’ve seen . This is the Furne One show and boy was it a jaw-dropper. Models coming out in fully-covered face materials and spikes with mirrored pieces….yes, please.photo(82) photo(84)

Spikes, mesh, and armour…oh my! photo(85)

As the show festivities come to an end, Ashley takes a picture with the lovely Diana DeGarmo and handsome Ace Young from American Idol. Such a sweet couple…and good looking too ;0)

photo(78)LA Fashion Week Spring 2013 was definitely a memorable week because it seemed like the designers all pulled inspiration from themselves, which was inspiring. With us working so many show for our first time, we learned a lot and had an absolute blast. Sometimes looking for creativity and imagination within yourself is the best thing to do. Looking forward to LAFW 2014. Stay tuned. XO

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