The Engagement :: Ashley + Jim’s rendition on “The Avengers” , Photography by Ashleigh Taylor

From the moment you meet Ashley, she’s bubbly, funny, and knows what she wants. When she came to our studio, she came prepared, and when I say prepared, I mean it. Not only did she have images of the style she and Jim were going for, but she actually had “The Avengers” book with all of the images from the scenes. Very awesome. It’s the absolute best when a client has an idea in mind and then has images as a reference. She really wasn’t afraid of looking more like a character for her engagement session because that’s what she was wanting to create. From her fiance, Jim, smoking an old-school pipe to his bowler hat to Ashley’s birdcage veil and vintage hairstyle, it all painted a picture.

From there, she decided she wanted two different looks to go with her outfit changes. Here’s a couple of images from the first.



as7 as9 as6

For the second look, Ashley had the cool idea of doing a “flipped” hairstyle. The only problem with that was that her hair was too long to hold the style. So, I decided to create a faux-bob. With using a few bobby pins, hairspray, and a few extra magic tricks, the mod-bob was created.

as11 as12 ashley1 as13 as14Had a blast working with all three Ashley’s/Ashleigh’s (the engaged, the photographer, and my Ashley, the makeup artist). Hats off to us all. XO

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