Behind the Scenes :: Working the UGG Australia Fall 2015 Show

photo 5 (4)
Our GIRL and industry bad-ass makeup artist , Crystal Tran making some last minute additions to the models before hitting the runway.

Every year, myself, Ashley, and our team of hair and makeup artists work with about 23 female and male models for the UGG Australia Fashion Show, at the Bacara Resort in Santa Barbara, Ca. Our mornings usually start bright and early, around 5am, and then we’re off to our designated stations to set up for the day’s looks. Session spray, faux lashes, dramatic eyelines, and big hair are just some of the commonalities for these shows.  Every show, there’s a theme or look that were given to recreate on our models.

This season, the look was sort of a ‘casual glam’. For the hair, tossed up ponytails, and hair down with volume and body were just enough pop for runway, but didn’t take away from the clothes. The makeup look was both a soft smokey eye with a nude lip or a neutral eye with winged-eyeliner and a bold, berry lip. Loved it all! Check out some of our Behind-the-Scenes shots from our workday. XO

                                                The Makeup

Although different artists use different products, the majority of us are former MAC cosmetic artists, so we have that product knowledge in our back pocket. However, we all love to dabble within other lines like NARS, Make Up Forever, Chanel, Dior, SMASHBOX, and plenty other amazing lines out there. Doesn’t mean that you have to stay inside the box to play nice. XO
LASH ME! Lashes are definintely one of those token items that take your makeup look from glam to BAM! It’s a great tool for makeup artists to make that statement look on the runway with their models, when adding lashes to the canvas. We had so many lash boxes that day, we were practically flying out of there! BLINK, BLINK. XO

                                                The Berry Lip

Wink, Wink !! Two of our gorgeous models rocking the velvet-berry lip color that we did on most of the girls for Day 1 look. Perfect fall lip! Whether it’s a matte lip (with no shine) or something with a little sheen to it, the berry lip is always a classic.

photo 3 (6)

photo 1 (11)

My amazing wife powdering-noses backstage. The curls were  definitely in the house!
My amazing wife powdering-noses backstage. The curls were definitely in the house!

photo 5 (4)

                                                            The Hair 

photo 4 (6)

The hair that we were doing on the models had to be casual, but still runway glamorous. This involved the messy ponytail, big, soft curls, volume for days, and wind-blown tresses. For many of the models, we had about a 25-30 minute window with hair, so that definitely helped us keep the idea of ‘casual’ in our heads. Sometimes when you have too much time on your hands, you over-think it , and it begins to look overdone. For the big volume with soft curls, we prepped the girls with either a session spray or flexible hold spray first. This gave time for the product to dry in the hair without risking the heat damage of hot irons on damp hair. We then used a volume powder at the roots of all of the models. This gave us the lift all over the hair, without the ‘rat’s nest’ look. Controlled volume. We then grabbed random and big sections of hair and curled the hair away from the face. Once cooled, we’d shake it all out and used the blow dryer for the wind-blown effect. LOVE IT!

photo 2 (8)photo 4 (6)

photo 3 (4)

photo 1 (11)photo 2 (10)

photo 4 (4)photo 5 (6)

Even our male models were enjoying the pampering. Actually, they’re use to it. No big deal. XO

photo 3 (5)
All dolled up and ready for the show. The guys were so damn chill. XO
photo 5 (5)
He’s my dude doppelganger, with way more swag. XO

Had such a blast this year, just like every year. It was actually crazy because Ashley and I just got back from Australia and to see the UGG Boots over there, the ads, the stores, it was pretty awesome. Can’t wait until next year. XO

photo 2 (9)
Backstage snap of the screen that the audience sees. Even though it’s reversed for us, it was still cool to see the clouds rolling through the room.

Thank you to the Bacara Resort & Spa for being our 2nd home throughout our work year lol. XO

photo (25)

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