Oldie, but Goodie : Working w/ Photographer Ashley Hill

Oldie, but Goodie : Working w/Photographer Ashley Hill

When we first worked with Ashley Hill, it was with one of our favorite models ( don’t think we have un-favorites lol ) Anna Lieberman, who’s a rockstar. She’s a chameleon ! On the first shoot we did with Ashley, it was like a fairytale-inspired shoot. You can actually view it on our website (she’s” peek-a-booing” next to a tree and “wishes” are falling from the sky). For example, for this different shoot, Ashley Hill had this amazing idea on merging hi-fashion & darkness. She wanted her hair to be up, semi-wavy but really teased and messy. I love the idea already.

For the make-up, she wanted a smokey eye, pale skin and skelton-like contouring. After Ashley did all of her contouring, she went in with a cream liner and sketched-out a skeleton mouth, with a little lip color underneath. LOVE IT!!! She really wanted to pull the skelton out, so to speak. And we think that they shot is awesome. It’s fashionable, kinda creepy, but still beautiful.